Blog Durmitor National Park – Unique natural beauty

Durmitor National Park – Unique natural beauty


Durmitor National Park is one of the most beautiful creations of nature on the entire European continent. The fascinating landscape and impressive geological heritage of the area have put this whole area on the UNESCO World Heritage List. The peaks of Durmitor massif, terrifying Tara canyon and clear lakes tucked inside endless pine forests offer unique opportunity for a wholesome vacation. So, whether you want hiking, mountaineering, biking, rafting, or a simple road trip getaway to the unspoiled nature, Durmitor is a place you must visit.

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Blog Guide to Ulcinj – Hidden Gem of Montenegrin Coast

Guide to Ulcinj – Hidden Gem of Montenegrin Coast


Montenegrin city Ulcinj is perfect starting point for exploring southern coast part of Montenegro during your road trip. You’ll be close to adventure, history and nature activities from Bar to Ada Bojana, and even over-the-border getaway to nearby Albania. And you’ll enjoy everything this magical city has in offer!

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Blog Planning a roadtrip in Montenegro

Planning a roadtrip in Montenegro


Montenegro is a small country known for its untouched nature, cultural richness and a lot of adventures in offer, which makes it a perfect road trip destination. Despite the challenges that narrow mountain roads bring, travelling by car is a small price to pay for experiencing beauties of this Mediterranean gem.Planning a road trip that covers everything you want to see in Montenegro can be an exhausting task, but here are some tips for making your holiday an unforgettable experience.

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