Durmitor National Park – Unique natural beauty


Durmitor National Park is one of the most beautiful creations of nature on the entire European continent. The fascinating landscape and impressive geological heritage of the area have put this whole area on the UNESCO World Heritage List. 

The peaks of Durmitor massif, terrifying Tara canyon and clear lakes tucked inside endless pine forests offer unique opportunity for a wholesome vacation. So, whether you want hiking, mountaineering, biking, rafting, or a simple road trip getaway to the unspoiled nature, Durmitor is a place you must visit.

Climb the highest peak of Montenegro

Durmitor is the most beautiful mountain range of Montenegro. Its plateau is intersected by deep canyon gorges and around 50 peaks higher than 2000 meters, making it a mountaineering paradise. Mountain lovers have marked paths of different difficulty to the peaks of Durmitor, making sure there’s something for both experienced and amateur hikers.

Start your hiking adventure at Black lake, which offers a view to the rocky peaks around and chose an itinerary that suits your taste.

Ambitious ones amongst you will probably consider climbing Bobotov kuk, a 2523 meters high peak lying in the heart of the Durmitor national park. This is the highest peak in Montenegro, which will give you an amazing view to the beautiful brooks and canyons of the national park and nearby mountain ranges.

If the weather serves you well, you might be able to see even the Adriatic sea!

Conquer Durmitor slopes

Untouched wilderness of Durmitor calls for skiing and snowboarding lovers from November to February each year.

Harsh winters and high snowfalls in combination with arduous fields provide a perfect setup for winter sports. Ski centers are scattered around the steep hills one step from the slopes, accommodation and ski pass prices are affordable and terrain varies from relaxed to the challenging one.

Combined with well-known hospitality of local people and amazing nature all around – you can expect one of the best skiing experiences on Balkan peninsula.

Explore Nevidio canyon

Nevidio canyon, the last conquered canyon in Europe, is special place for all adrenaline and nature lovers. The River Komarnica had cut this canyon deep in the steep cliffs, making it hidden and hardly accessible. That’s where it got its name (Nevidio means never seen). The most part of the canyon is in eternal shadow, making the place even more appealing to curious explorers.

The canyon is unique for its beauty, its dangerous cascades and beautiful waterfalls. It is enjoyed the best from June until late September.

Take a break at Tara bridge – a civil engineering miracle

At the time it was built, in 1940, Đurđevića Tara bridge was the biggest vehicular concrete arch bridge in whole Europe. Nowadays, the marvelous combination of nature and construction makes it one of the most beautiful of its kind.

If you look from the distance, you’ll notice that the right part of the bridge has a slightly different color. That’s because that part of the bridge was blown during the World War II by partisans to protect the area from Italian occupation.

Later on, this construction was rebuilt and has been admired since then by architects, engineers and travelers from all around the world.

The view from the bridge to the river down is fascinating, and if you want to add a dash of adrenaline to it, go for a zip line passing right next to the bridge and admire this from another point of view.

Experience Tara canyon from the inside

Rafting on Tara river is a special experience for all rafting lovers because it means going down the second deepest canyon in the world! Tara is also the fastest river in Europe, with more than 20 unrestrained rapids on its current. This means that adrenaline rush is guaranteed! But no worries, experienced guides will keep you safe along the way.  

This three hour adventure is Montenegro’s most memorable attraction because it gives you the chance to admire the beauty of wild beaches, pine forests and kilometer high soaring cliffs above you from its center.

Discover beautiful glacial lakes

18 glacial lakes different in size, colour, amount of water and the surrounding landscape belong to the Durmitor massif. Durmitorians call them "Gorske Oči" (Mountain Eyes).

Black lake is the largest and the most famous one, surrounded by towering peaks and dark forests. There is a 3 kilometer walking path around the lake from which you can enjoy the magnificent colors of the water and surrounding nature.  

An easy hike through pine forest can take you to the other lakes, such as smaller and darker Zminje jezero (Snake lake) situated deep down in the forest. And further down the trail, you’ll discover Barno Jezero (Swampy Lake), hidden in opaque vegetation.

All of the other lakes on the massive are worth visiting if you have time. And there’s an interesting story about the name origin of each one of them which locals will be happy to share!

Learn about extraordinary history

Stećci are mysterious carved stone tomb monuments scattered around the border of Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina, dating from the Middle Age. Two of the archeological sites are located on Durmitor.

Stećci have been spontaneously preserved through time, until their official recognition in the last century. The sites - Bare Žugića necropolis and Grčko groblje (Greek graveyard) with a couple of hundreds of beautifully decorated monuments are protected as a cultural monument of national importance. Both sites are a part of UNESCO Wolrld heritage list due to their significance.

Finish the journey with Sedlo pass route

The Sedlo pass route from Zabljak to Piva Lake is the is the highest road pass in Montenegro, and the most impressive one too.

The narrow road will take you through the panoramic view of the Durmitor limestone cliffs and rocks and the absolutely stunning nature. With so many natural beauties, mountain taverns here and there to relax on your way, you won’t regret spending a big part of the day on this long route. The route will finish at beautiful artificial Piva Lake outside the Durmitor national park.

If you want to enjoy the route in silence, think about going of the season.

Durmitor National Park is one of the top attractions in Montenegro for a reason, and its uniqueness leaves a lasting impression on everyone who visits it. With this much in offer, you have no excuse to leave out this nature wonder out of your road trip itinerary in Montenegro.