Beaches in Montenegro - Budva


Each summer, tourists from all over the world come to Montenegro for a dose of vitamin D. Sandy beaches in Budva, wild nature spots in Ulcinj Riviera, and the rocky areas in the Bay of Kotor, create almost 300km of diverse coastline that offers something for everyone. If you add to that a visit to some of the marvelous lakes and rivers in the central and northern Montenegro and you will get a lavish vacation! To make it easier for you, we have created a list of beaches in Montenegro you must visit.


Around Budva, you will find the most popular and most crowded beaches in Montenegro. Beach bars, hotels and clubs, recreational facilities, and organized beaches are typical here. Still, you will also be able to find more secluded places if you are traveling with your family or just want to enjoy the sea in peace. 


This is a pebble beach just outside Budva, with a stunning view to the open sea, and crystal-clear water. Jaz is one of the longest beaches in Montenegro, popular for camping, sunbathing, as well as water sports. It hosted several significant music events, such as Sea Dance, a three-day summer music festival. It is easily reached by car or public transportation. 


A pebbly beach known for its unbelievable turquoise water found on the way to Sveti Stefan. There are plenty of beach bars, and it is quite busy in the season, but it is well worth seeing, even if you prefer more peaceful beaches.

Sveti Stefan

An old town converted into a resort offers luxury beach stay for its guests. The island itself is closed to non-resort guest but the pebbly beaches located north and south of the island are open to the public, with a fee.


Busy, marvelous, cliff-sheltered sandy beach, with rocky mountains that split the beach into two parts, and the shallow waters bustling with marine life. You will quickly find a spot in one of the many sunbeds and refresh yourself in the beach bars with trendy summer music.

Drobni Pijesak

This is a sandy beach located north of Petrovac, surrounded by an olive grove, with distinctively yellow sand. These 250 meters of paradise are the ideal place for enjoying nature, snorkeling, or just sitting on the dock and observing the fish.

Ričardova Glava 

A posh pebbly space just outside the Budva old town walls, where Montenegrins like to grab a coffee over the weekend. It is a popular Instagram spot, ideal for taking a photo or two. This beach is busy most of the year, whenever the weather allows it, and sometimes it is tricky to find a spot.

Bečići beach

Bečići is a spacious, sandy beach 2km from Budva, also popular among locals. Close to it is a more intimate, smaller Rafailovići beach, which is a usual choice for families. You’ll find hotels with private beach areas here, in case you prefer to have a beach corner of your own.


Once a rocky, inaccessible terrain has been turned into a cascade of concrete panels leading to the sea. This picturesque area is famous for beach parties and events, with restaurants and bars where you can relax.

Slovenska plaža

Located close to the old town Budva, this crowded but organized beach is full of restaurants and bars, loud music. It has a lot of typical tourist activities in the offer, so you can go parasailing, jet skiing, snorkeling and more.