Guide to Ulcinj – Hidden Gem of Montenegrin Coast

ulcinj old town

Montenegrin city Ulcinj is perfect starting point for exploring southern coast part of Montenegro during your road trip. You’ll be close to adventure, history and nature activities from Bar to Ada Bojana, and even over-the-border getaway to nearby Albania. And you’ll enjoy everything this magical city has in offer!

Time travel to the Age of pirates in the Old town

Old town of Ulcinj is a place of big historical significance. The city we know now has been forming in the last 25 centuries under different influences. Its narrow streets, stone houses and small squares have been marked by Renaissance and Baroque styles, and later shaped by Ottomans, creating an interesting architectural experience.

During the time Montenegro was a part of Ottoman empire, Ulcinj used to be a pirate base for the Ottomans. The small square in the heart of the old town has a particularly intriguing story to tell – it was a slave market during Ottoman rule – slaves captured by pirates all over Meditteranian were sold at the place nowadays known as Slave Square.


Feel the city beach vibe

Only 15 minute walk from the city center will get you to the main town beach – Little beach. It’s a small, lively place, often crowded with tourists. However, you can still manage to find a quiet spot down the rocky coastline and enjoy the view to the sea and beautiful nature. And just a couple of minutes down the coast will get you to beach bar area with a lot of young and energetic people. Amazing, isn’t it?

Further down the coast you’ll find Lady beach – a nude beach with only women allowed, where you can experience sulfurous mud treatment, claimed to be very healthy.


Learn kitesurfing on Long beach

Long beach, 15 minutes driving distance from the city center is the new kiting hotspot on the Adriatic Coast. 14-kilometer-long sandy beach, shallow water and steady onshore winds on every summer day are a perfect environment for anyone who’d like to learn kitesurfing.

Tides and currents are so mild in this area so they won’t affect surfing, warm water will make every fall a pure joy and kind instructors will make the learning process interesting.

Dolcinium Kitesurf Club and Kiteriders kitesurfing courses have proven to be very good for beginners and the ones who’d like to refresh their surfing skills.

You can try a jet ski, go tubing, or do any other water-based adventure activity here.

It’s worth mentioning that since 2013, Long beach hosts Southern Soul Festival, music festival representing broad selection of music styles, from soul to disco. It is considered one od the best European festivals, which makes it a must visit event for a music enthusiast.

Enjoy nature at Valdanos Bay

A picturesque 10 minute drive from Ulcinj will take you to a beautiful rocky bay surrounded by olive trees. With more than 18 thousand olive trees, Valdanos bay is the biggest olive cultivation in the country and is put under special protection of Montenegrin government due to natural and economical significance. Some of the trees are more than 2000 years old!

From here you can easily get up the hill to the Mendra Lighthouse and enjoy the view that reaches all the way to Strait of Otranto connecting the Adriatic with the Ionian Sea.


Go birdwatching at Ulcinj Salinas

This artificial ecosystem is a paradise for bird lovers and nature enthusiasts. Here you can observe more than 250 species of birds, including Dalmatian pelicans and Eurasian spoonbills! This place is precious because it is the only place in Europe where you can find flamingoes in the wild. Also, it has more than half of all bird species that you can find in the whole continent.


Try fresh fish specialities

Local fishermen go to the sea every morning and get fish daily to the local restaurants/tavernas. The seafood you’ll taste in Ulcinj is fresh and usually caught the day it’s prepared. Our recommendation is Fisherman Hari’s reastaurant with the finest fish in town and amazing panoramic view from the outdoors terrace.

Ulcinj is the right place for wine lovers, since the Adriatic climate around the city made perfect conditions for growing the Vranac grapes. Make sure to ask locals for domestically produced ones for the authentic experience.


Combine nature and history in Sas village

Prehistoric town of Sas (Shash) was located on top of the small hill northern from Sas Lake and provides view to the whole area surrounding Ada Bojana. Archeological findings from this place date all the way to the 4th century B.C.  This city has been conquered many times by different cultures – from Mongols to Otomans, being devastated in the process.

Today, Sas is one of the most famous ‘’dead cities’’ on the eastern Adriatic coast which makes it a never-ending point of interest to archeologists and historians. The village itself will not take you a lot of time to explore, so you can fulfill it by picnic or a boat ride on the Lake Sas.


Visit Ada Bojana – where extreme sports meet romantic sunsets

Ada Bojana, a river island, with 3 kilometers long sandy beaches, distance from the city noise and just the right amount of entertainment is an amazing place for a weekend getaway.

The place used to be known for extreme water sports, and is still one of the most popular destinations for the surfers from all over the world.

Throughout the years it became the ultimate place for relaxation, sunbathing and enjoying under the parasols while sipping on the coctails from the beach bars. Make sure not to miss the magical sunsets here! Paired best with the sea food prepared in a traditional way from one of many fish restaurants on the banks of the river.


A variety of beaches along the coastline, precious nature places and the Old town that shows the city’s rich history, combined with laid-back atmosphere you’ll sense the moment you step into the city should be enough to include Ulcinj into any road trip plan to Montenegro. And in case you need additional tips, our well-travelled team will be more than happy to help!